I have suffered from migraine for around 25 years, but more recently I was getting 3 a week, despite having regular botox injections with a clinician. I turned to Alison at my wits’ end and she said she would help me. At first I had weekly massages and gradually the pain in my neck, shoulders and back started to ease. I felt taller and stronger and there was “space” in my neck that had never been there before. Alison also suggested some “self-care” treatments, which were simple and fitted in to my daily life. I have been working with Alison for 3 months now, slowly reducing our sessions to fortnightly, and the migraines have decreased to 1 or 2 a fortnight. They no longer last for days and the intensity of the pain has reduced dramatically. My doctor even commented that my neck, shoulder and back muscles are more relaxed and require fewer injections! I highly recommend Alison, she is intuitive and gentle and the more feedback you can give her, the more she will understand your condition. (Sarah, Portsmouth)

Alison has helped me to learn to manage and control my long term back, neck and shoulder pain by using various massage techniques and offering exercise suggestions to help along the way. I have had many years experience of different styles of massage but none compared to this. Alison works intuitively and professionally to alleviate the discomfort I have had for many years helping to bring it under control. I would thoroughly recommend Alison. (Mandy, Waterlooville)

I have had chronic lower back pain for as long as I can remember. I have visited other specialists regularly, which have maintained the pain but never cured it. I visited Alison because I was disillusioned with the care elsewhere. I am so glad I did. From the first visit Alison worked on the specific areas of pain and in a way no other therapist has. What a difference! The pain stayed away for nearly 2 weeks. I’ve had more treatments and after each one the benefits last longer and the pain is no where near as extensive as it was. Alison also suggested that she did some scar work on my caesarean section scar which is over 30 years old!!! Alison explained how this may be impacting on my lower back pain. In for a penny I thought. Not only has she reduced the depth of the scar, there has been another massive shift in the pain in my buttock. How? You’ll have to ask Alison because I’m not sure I could explain it as well as she does. I’ve now gone onto a maintenance programme of treatments, which is saving me money on what I was paying on a fortnightly basis to the other therapists I’ve seen. I would highly recommend Alison for her skill and knowledge, but also for her friendly approach. (Vicky, Gosport)

I’d suffered from lower back pain for years and just thought it was something I had to live with. I woke up one morning and was almost unable to move, I found Alison by chance on the internet. I’d never had a massage in my life so on top of the pain I was in I also felt more than a little apprehensive. I needn’t have worried, as soon as I meet Alison she put me at ease, she has a great empathy, she explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it. After just 3 sessions with her my back was better than it had been in years. I now see Alison once a month and cannot recommend her highly enough. (Ellie)

During a bout of DIY last summer my lower back started to spasm and became very painful. Having had back problems in the past I knew that I needed help pretty quickly before it escalated to the point of not being able to get about, and not knowing of any suitable clinician in the area I found Alison on the internet. The description of her work really made sense to me and I felt confident that she would really tackle the cause of the problem, and so booked in to see her. I found her to be extremely professional, and very knowledgeable due to her background and extensive training. Her manner is very warm and she explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. I initially had a couple of appointments within a few weeks and that allowed Alison to get on top of the problem. I have now moved into a maintenance phase and I choose to see her every 6 weeks which keeps my back healthy and free from recurring problems. As well as the clinical improvement I also find the sessions very relaxing. I would highly recommend Alison and would now not go to anyone else for such treatment. (Su)

A colleague recommended Alison to me after I had wrecked my right shoulder while renovating my house. As a fellow bodywork therapist, it’s very important to me that I have confidence in the person treating me and I’m delighted to say that Alison didn’t disappoint in the least. She is incredibly professional, extremely knowledgeable and very thorough indeed. Having sorted out my acute shoulder problem in 6 sessions – no mean feat in itself – I now continue with regular maintenance sessions. especially now that the gardening season is (nearly) here. I have no hesitation in recommending Alison as one of the best massage therapists currently practicing for both acute problems and on-going body ‘maintenance’. And if you really want to treat yourself, have a hot stone massage: It’s like drinking creamy hot chocolate while sitting in a warm jacuzzi – delightful! (Chris)

I am a very large chested lady and have always suffered from neck and back pain and when sitting at a desk all day it can take a toll on your well being. As a surprise my boyfriend found someone that could help and arranged an appointment with Alison. We had a chat about where and how my pain was affecting me and after a few sessions I was quickly reaping the benefits. I have enjoyed many massages with Alison over the last year and always try and book at least one a month after which I always feel relaxed and energised. I have presented Alison with some real challenging areas that I have injured over the a last year and she has always been there to put things right. I had a strained muscle in my leg which caused me to limp for a while, my right thumb was always in pain turns out it came from my arm! The real test came last year when my back went whilst I was putting shopping in my trolley. I was so scared that I did not know what to do. I called Alison for advice which she was able to help with and saw her within 2 days. My back was still swollen and on fire when I went to see her, I was afraid and panicked but I needn’t have worried as she had me up and mobile within 3 sessions armed with tips to improve my posture! I am currently being treated for a deep muscle pain which is located in my upper arm and has been there for over a year and thought that nothing could fix it. Wish I told her sooner! Following a few sessions Alison sorted the problem and I am so very grateful as I can look forward to my canoeing holiday in July. Alison is a very warm and friendly person and listens to your needs. I thoroughly recommend her services. She takes her job very seriously, attending training sessions and keeping up to date with the latest changes to ensure that her customers heal in the right way and have the best treatment for their condition. She is my magic fingers! (Mariella)

I attended Alison’s clinic following a flare up of an on going back problem. As a male nurse for 40 years and having played rugby and golf I am aware this is a common complaint in both my profession and choose sports.
Alison works from home and from a rented room at the Cosham Natural Therapy Centre. I found the centre to be welcoming and comfortable with the receptionist helping me to feel at ease.
Each session started with an empathetic history and update of the pain, with helpful targeted suggestions of exercises or posture changes to do at home. I find Alison to be highly skillful, working in a very professional way, constantly ensuring my dignity and checking on my level of discomfort whilst massaging, After four weekly sessions Alison recommended that I reduce to two weekly which has now reduced to monthly maintenance sessions.
I am really pleased with my decision to trust in Alison and would recommend her to anyone sufferring similar muscular conditions. (Dave, Portsmouth)

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