I have suffered from migraine for around 25 years, but more recently I was getting 3 a week, despite having regular botox injections with a clinician. I turned to Alison at my wits’ end and she said she would help me. At first I had weekly massages and gradually the pain in my neck, shoulders and back started to ease. I felt taller and stronger and there was “space” in my neck that had never been there before. Alison also suggested some “self-care” treatments, which were simple and fitted in to my daily life. I have been working with Alison for 3 months now, slowly reducing our sessions to fortnightly, and the migraines have decreased to 1 or 2 a fortnight. They no longer last for days and the intensity of the pain has reduced dramatically. My doctor even commented that my neck, shoulder and back muscles are more relaxed and require fewer injections! I highly recommend Alison, she is intuitive and gentle and the more feedback you can give her, the more she will understand your condition.