I am a very large chested lady and have always suffered from neck and back pain and when sitting at a desk all day it can take a toll on your well being. As a surprise my boyfriend found someone that could help and arranged an appointment with Alison. We had a chat about where and how my pain was affecting me and after a few sessions I was quickly reaping the benefits. I have enjoyed many massages with Alison over the last year and always try and book at least one a month after which I always feel relaxed and energised. I have presented Alison with some real challenging areas that I have injured over the a last year and she has always been there to put things right. I had a strained muscle in my leg which caused me to limp for a while, my right thumb was always in pain turns out it came from my arm! The real test came last year when my back went whilst I was putting shopping in my trolley. I was so scared that I did not know what to do. I called Alison for advice which she was able to help with and saw her within 2 days. My back was still swollen and on fire when I went to see her, I was afraid and panicked but I needn’t have worried as she had me up and mobile within 3 sessions armed with tips to improve my posture! I am currently being treated for a deep muscle pain which is located in my upper arm and has been there for over a year and thought that nothing could fix it. Wish I told her sooner! Following a few sessions Alison sorted the problem and I am so very grateful as I can look forward to my canoeing holiday in July. Alison is a very warm and friendly person and listens to your needs. I thoroughly recommend her services. She takes her job very seriously, attending training sessions and keeping up to date with the latest changes to ensure that her customers heal in the right way and have the best treatment for their condition. She is my magic fingers! (Mariella)