I have had chronic lower back pain for as long as I can remember. I have visited other specialists regularly, which have maintained the pain but never cured it. I visited Alison because I was disillusioned with the care elsewhere. I am so glad I did. From the first visit Alison worked on the specific areas of pain and in a way no other therapist has. What a difference! The pain stayed away for nearly 2 weeks. I’ve had more treatments and after each one the benefits last longer and the pain is no where near as extensive as it was. Alison also suggested that she did some scar work on my caesarean section scar which is over 30 years old!!! Alison explained how this may be impacting on my lower back pain. In for a penny I thought. Not only has she reduced the depth of the scar, there has been another massive shift in the pain in my buttock. How? You’ll have to ask Alison because I’m not sure I could explain it as well as she does. I’ve now gone onto a maintenance programme of treatments, which is saving me money on what I was paying on a fortnightly basis to the other therapists I’ve seen. I would highly recommend Alison for her skill and knowledge, but also for her friendly approach.