During a bout of DIY last summer my lower back started to spasm and became very painful. Having had back problems in the past I knew that I needed help pretty quickly before it escalated to the point of not being able to get about, and not knowing of any suitable clinician in the area I found Alison on the internet. The description of her work really made sense to me and I felt confident that she would really tackle the cause of the problem, and so booked in to see her. I found her to be extremely professional, and very knowledgeable due to her background and extensive training. Her manner is very warm and she explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. I initially had a couple of appointments within a few weeks and that allowed Alison to get on top of the problem. I have now moved into a maintenance phase and I choose to see her every 6 weeks which keeps my back healthy and free from recurring problems. As well as the clinical improvement I also find the sessions very relaxing. I would highly recommend Alison and would now not go to anyone else for such treatment. (Su)