I attended Alison’s clinic following a flare up of an on going back problem. As a male nurse for 40 years and having played rugby and golf I am aware this is a common complaint in both my profession and choose sports.
Alison works from home and from a rented room at the Cosham Natural Therapy Centre. I found the Centre to be welcoming and comfortable with the receptionist helping me to feel at ease.
Each session started with an empathetic history and update of the pain, with helpful targeted suggestions of exercises or posture changes to do at home. I find Alison to be highly skillful, working in a very professional way, constantly ensuring my dignity and checking on my level of discomfort whilst massaging, After four weekly sessions Alison recommended that I reduce to two weekly which has now reduced to monthly maintenance sessions.
I am really pleased with my decision to trust in Alison and would recommend her to anyone suffering similar muscular conditions.