What is Somatics

Somatics is a form of gentle movement practice that helps to reduce discomfort and pain in the muscles and improve overall flexibility.

Over the course of our lives our muscles can become so tight and contracted that we develop habitual holding patterns. This can arise due to stressful experiences such as accidents and injuries or doing repetitive things such as sitting for long periods, working at a computer or even holding a child on our hip regularly. As a result we loose the conscious control to relax the muscles involved and this leads to discomfort, pain and stiffness. These symptoms are often attributed to getting older but in actual fact they can be due to chronically contracted muscles which can be reversed.

Somatic movements help us to relearn how to sense and develop control of the muscles in the body again so that we can voluntarily and consciously contract and relax these muscles as required. The result is an increase in our overall flexibility and a reduction in any pain or discomfort.



Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to

  • Learn more about their body
  • Have fun learning to move in new ways
  • Release chronically contracted muscle tension
  • Learn a new skill to help to keep moving well