Scars form when the skin and soft tissue is damaged through injury or surgery.

This is a natural process of wound healing but scar tissue is different to normal tissue as it contains more fibrous tissue and collagen deposits. This can cause restrictions in the surrounding area.

Scar work can help to improve the appearence, feeling and functionality of the scar and surrounding tissue thus creating better movement between the layers of skin, fascia and muscle.

It does this through stimulating the circulation, lymphatic and nervous system to promote renewed healing and improve tissue health.

Benefits of Scar work include:

  • Visually scars may appear smaller, lighter and less prominent
  • Tightness in surrounding tissue may be reduced
  • Muscle function can be improved
  • Numbness, pain and sensitivity of the scar can be reduced

When can treatment start

Scar work treatment is effective on both old and new scars. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the scar is 2 weeks old or 20 years old. However, on new scars before treatment can begin the scar must be fully healed and should not be weeping, open, infected or inflamed.

What to expect

At the start of the session a history will be taken to find out how you came about getting the scar. There can be an emotional attachment to the scar in some cases.

For the treatment you will need to be able to expose the scar. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing however, due to the location of some scars you can be covered with a sheet or towel. Scar work involves the use of a combination of techniques that are very light and should not be painful. To measure the effectiveness of the treatment before and after photos can be taken with your consent.

Session length

The initial session is for 60 minutes. Follow up sessions can vary. In most cases sessions require 60 minutes, however, some smaller scars may not require this length of time so this can be discussed.