Initial Session - 90 Minutes - £80  - This is for Clinical Massage or a 1 to 1 Somatics Session (30 Minute Zoom Consultation + 60 Minute Session)

Follow Up Session - 60 Minutes - £60 - This is for Clinical Massage or a 1 to 1 Somatics Session

Please note payment is required at lease 24 hours before the scheduled session

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Payments and Cancellation Policy

1. Full payment for your treatment is required at least 24 hours before your first appointment unless you are paying by installments in which case full payment for each installment is required at the agreed stages of your plan.

2. Payment needs to made via bank transfer unless an alternative payment method has been agreed by Alison Emery.

3. Payment for a treatment Plan is Non Refundable except in exceptional circumstances. E.g. If I was unwell and not able to deliver your treatment and you needed to find another therapist. In the event of a situation arising payment will only be refunded to the value of the sessions not yet taken.

4. Payments are Not Transferable to another person.

5. If you feel that the plan you are on is not suitable you can transfer to a different plan of the same value or higher value by paying any difference in cost.

6. If you need to reschedule an appointment a MINIMUM of 24 hours is required to avoid loosing money for this session. A full cost for the session will be charged.

7. An appointment CANNOT be rescheduled within 24 hours of your appointment time. Instead this appointment will be lost and money for it will not be refunded or transferred to the next appointment. This applies in all circumstances except if you need to cancel/reschedule at the last minute due to developing related Covid19 symptoms.